Detention & Demurrage charges will be applicable for shipments wherein customers have exceeded the standard free time applicable both in the import & export cycles.

Demurrage: This charge will be levied when the Customer holds APL equipment inside the terminal for longer than the agreed free days and is applicable to all containers that remain at the terminal longer than the agreed free time.

Detention: Detention charges will be levied when the Customer holds APL equipment outside the terminal longer than the agreed free time : it is applicable throughout the duration of Customer’s possession of APL container(s) in his custody, and until its safe return to APL.

Free time, Detention & Demurrage charges and terms and conditions vary from one country to another; please refer to each country’s specific tariffs for specific information.

Merchant must bear customs clearance and is responsible of customs clearance. Delays of achievement of customs clearance are the burden of merchant, as per APL BL’s terms and conditions #26.

For more information on definitions, standard & general compulsory conditions applicable to Demurrage & Detention, please access our general terms below and each specific tariff of each country: General Terms

Demurrage Detention - General Terms


“Demurrage”: the charge, related to the use of the equipment only, the Merchant pays for carrier's equipment kept beyond the free time offered by the Carrier for taking delivery of goods in the port, terminal or depot.

“Detention”: the charge the Merchant pays for detaining Carrier's equipment outside the port, terminal or depot, beyond the free time.

“Merged Demurrage & Detention” (merged D&D): is the charge related to the use of equipment only, the Merchant pays for carrier’s equipment kept beyond the free time offered by the Carrier, when Demurrage and Detention is merged into one single period.

“Free time”: the period of time offered by the Carrier to the Merchant free of charge, covering both demurrage period and detention period, beyond which additional charges such as, but not limited to demurrage and detention charges, will be due to the Carrier.

“Storage Costs”: those costs related but not limited to quay rent, charged to both Carrier's equipment and shipper's equipment for containers staying on ground.

“Reefer Services”: these services such as Power supply and Monitoring.

“Carrier” means the Party on whose behalf the Bill of Lading is issued.

“Merchant” includes the Shipper, Holder, Consignee, Receiver of the Goods, or any Person owning or entitled to the possession of the Goods or of the Bill of Lading or anyone acting on behalf of any such Persons.

Demurrage and Detention and D&D Merged do not include storage costs and reefer services which are charged to the Merchant separately unless duly indicated in the published general tariff of the country.

If not otherwise indicated into the individual published tariffs the following rules of calculations are applied:

Each day or part thereof is due in full.

Duration are expressed either in calendar days or in working days.

The first chargeable day is the first day following the last day of free time.

Main abbreviations and conventions used into the published tariffs

COUNTRY CODE: UN code for countries ; if not otherwise specified “ALL” means all countries ;
IMPORT / EXPORT:IMPORT means inbound to the concerned port/inland depot; EXPORT means outbound;
PLACES:ALL means: all locations except those places namely listed in this grid; terminal or depot; several places can be listed in the same cell; pre or post carriage mode can be mentioned when required for differentiating the conditions; if not indicated, it excludes the ICD’s / Ramps.
SIZEALL means: all sizes; if not otherwise indicated “20” means all containers of 20’ length “40” means all containers of 40’ length and beyond this size;
TYPE If not otherwise specified :
DRY means: all types of dry equipment GP and SP (reefer equipment excluded);
GP means general purpose equipment and includes High Cubes (HC);
SP means special dry equipment such as but not limited to flat rack, platform, open top, etc…; per default tanks are included into SP;
RF = all types of temperature controlled equipment (also called “Reefer);
NOR means “Non-Operating Reefer”;
This tariff is container related.
FREE TIME Free time is expressed in days ;
DAYS TYPE CALENDAR (C) days: All consecutive days of the period are considered;
WORKING (W) days: The considered number of days of a period between two dates excludes the non-working day(s) of the week and the public holidays as per law and regulations in the concerned countries;
AFTER FREE TIME DAYS N day number since start of the period ;
CHARGE amount per day; each day or part thereof is due in full;
CURRENCY UN code; main currencies used are EURO, GBP or USD; other currencies as required;
deMurrage, deTention, merGed M = demurrage charge only;
T= detention charge only;
G = merged demurrage & detention charge